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Gay Bashing on San Francisco Muni

Zachary Davenport

San Francisco, CA – Police are investigating a gay bashing on the San Francisco metro rail line, called the “Muni.”  Zachary Davenport, a 26-year-old gay person, was accosted with anti-gay slurs, punched, jostled and beaten in an incident that could have turned much uglier on Saturday, August 14.  Davenport was riding the J Church line to his home in the Castro neighborhood, the most famous gayborhood in America.  As the train stopped at the Church and Market Street Station, a group of several 18- to 20-year-old men boarded, flooding the train car with noise and disturbance.  Davenport said he decided it would be better if he got off the Muni at that point, and tried to move to the door, but his way was blocked.  As reported to ebar.com, the incident turned dangerous for Davenport:  His first assailant said, “Watch it, faggot.” Davenport said he turned and said, “Excuse me?” He said another man then approached and said, “What? What faggot? What?” The first man said, “Move, faggot.” The second man and several others came after Davenport, he said, and he was hit hard in the face. Davenport tried to hit him back, but another man hit him in the back of the head. He said he was also hit in the nose and the cheek. As it was happening, many of the attackers were saying things like “Get that little faggot,” he said.”  At that point, Davenport said he knew if he fell on the floor of the train, he was a dead man.  He turned, pushed past his assailants, and ran shouting for help from the Muni.  A woman standing at a nearby Blockbuster Video Store called 911.  It took several minutes for the police to respond to the emergency call.  Davenport was rushed to a neighborhood hospital.  He received a head injury and a black eye.  After treatment, he was released.  Davenport reported to the police that the group numbered between 18 and 20 individuals, dressed in black hoodies.  They were from a variety of ethnicities: Hispanic, South Asian, Chinese, Japanese, and African American.  Both the Muni security police and the San Francisco police are still investigating the attack. No one is yet in custody for the assault.  Anecdotal evidence from around the country seems to indicate that gangs of young men are beginning to invade LGBTQ neighborhood strongholds, searching for gays and lesbians to bash.  When the most prominent gay address in the nation is no longer safe for gay folk, the LGBTQ community must become more active in demanding the protection of the law.

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