Unfinished Lives

Remembering LGBT Hate Crime Victims

A Welcome Message

Stephen V. Sprinkle

Welcome to the Unfinished Lives Project, a place to remember and honor LGBTQ hate crime victims.

Our mission is to reveal the reality of unseen violence perpetrated against people whose only “offense” is their sexual orientation; to make anti-LGBTQ hate crime statistics available to our communities; to educate about the nature of hate crimes and how it affects LGBTQ and other communities; and to eliminate hate crime through social justice and awareness activities. On our website, we’ve dedicated pages and posts to achieve our mission:

A near brush with anti-gay hate crime in the late 1990’s in Fort Worth, Texas, shocked me awake to the reality of violence against Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender people across America. As a graduate school professor, my pursuits are usually quiet ones, preparing for class, and doing my research. But my quest to understand the effects and causes of hatred against people because of their difference has made me stare into the face of radical evil: the sort that kills.

Because of my work and research, I have learned how much all of us need each other–especially all of us who are members of racial/ethnic, religious, differently-abled, female, and LGBTQ communities. I have learned how vital the work of advocacy is. I have learned how precious life itself is, and how fragile. For this project, I have interviewed relatives, bereaved lovers, co-workers, neighbors and friends, journalists, and law enforcement officers who had direct knowledge about the women and men who died so brutally because of ignorance, prejudice and fear. It has been the journey of a lifetime, and in a strange way, though I am a teacher, these deceased LGBTQ people have become my teachers.

I want to convey to anyone who will listen that it is possible by hope to bring something beautiful and meaningful out of the ugliest realities of American life. Every time I meet a mother or lover, a friend or an advocate of one of these murdered LGBTQ people and share their stories, the intentions of the killers and the haters are frustrated, and the hope for a better, more just society somehow springs to life from the ashes.

I dedicate this website to the victims and to all those working for a better world. Thank you for visiting with us, and for joining us in our pursuit for a world free of violence and fear.

I hope you will visit us often, and join the struggle for change.


Stephen V. Sprinkle
The Unfinished Lives Project


  1. This is an incredible project and sadly, so necessary, as the danger and reality of hate crimes continue to plague innocents.

    Comment by Ann | December 3, 2008 | Reply

  2. Rev. Sprinkle- Thank you for your years of hard work. I enjoyed hearing you speak at our Church, Cathedral of Hope, a few weeks ago. God Bless.

    Comment by Lane Kranz | July 28, 2010 | Reply

  3. Rev. Sprinkle – it was great hearing you speak at the event in Columbus this past weekend. Very powerful speech and message. I have a similar story and project that has developed from my experience – after a brush with anti-gay violence a few years ago, I decided to start collecting and sharing the stories of those most closely connected to the victims of murder and suicide. I joke that the Unfinished Lives Project is like my idea said better than I could ever say it, but in all seriousness, I want to thank you for your years of hard work and this incredible project. It was awesome to meet you in person!

    Comment by Meg Davis | May 22, 2013 | Reply

    • Thank you, Meg. It was a wonderful experience to be with you in Columbus. And I appreciate the encouraging words very much!

      Steve Sprinkle

      Comment by unfinishedlives | May 23, 2013 | Reply

  4. I just have something to say about these killings of trans and lesbians in Texas especially.Texas for one is a very horrible state sometimes far as race or sexuality just to start with truth people were killed brutally by some dumb stupid no life person who is probably still on The loose because i feel nothing is being done to find these killers who have homophobia .Texas not really trying to slove the cases of the dead and if the police said they are they are lieing they feel its wrong and these dead people were freaks of nature and thats goes for other state’s as well Texas just top of list of hate crimes.All these trans murders and shooting,beatings when did God put so many people encharger to judge and take a other person life because this man dont prefer being with a woman or this woman Dont prefer to be with a man or she change her mind she Dont want a man she fail for a stud lesbian or she Dont like your money or sex or how you trying to impress your homeboys she still prefer a woman not a man .Im really hurt to see these reports of deaths in the lgbt its sad to see investigation is still Going It said in some of these murders especially the hate state of all gay bashing Texas.Something needs to be done or in due time just like he hit Louisiana with that big storm years ago God gonna speak again cus God is of love not hate .Im not a lesbian or gay just sadden that lies to help these families of victims of hate probably have no closer just lies of we trying our best to slove the case but deep they know some of these police feel he shouldn’t been dress like a girl or she like a boy.Something need to be done so the dead of the lgbt be remember and not forgotten.

    Comment by Justme | March 28, 2016 | Reply

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