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Newsweek cover story about Larry King described as a “hit piece”

Timothy Kincaid, a commentator for the Box Turtle Bulletin, says Newsweek’s July 28 cover story about Lawrence “Larry” King invites readers to conclude King provoked his own murder.  Kincaid’s response to the Newsweek article says author Ramin Setoodeh employed biased language, anti-gay catch phrases, and one-sided reporting to make King appear culpable for the fatal gunshots fired by classmate Brandon McInerney.  “Other than the briefest of disclaimers,” says Kincaid, “there is little [in Setoodeh’s article] to suggest that King was not fully to blame for his own death.”

In his Newsweek article, Setoodeh says “the reason Larry died isn’t as clear-cut as many people think.”  To support his claim, he goes on to say that King was “a troubled child who flaunted his sexuality and wielded it like a weapon.”

Kincaid’s Box Turtle Bulletin rebuttal expresses confusion about the Newsweek article’s author and purpose.  “I don’t know Ramin Setoodeh’s orientation or his personal tastes or biases,” says Kincaid.  “Nor do I know his reasons for writing an article that serves as little more than a press release for the defense on this murder case.”

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