Unfinished Lives

Remembering LGBT Hate Crime Victims

Unfinished Lives receives an endorsement from the Texas Freedom Network


Unfinished Lives is proud to receive an endorsement from the Texas Freedom Network, a nonpartisan, grassroots organization of more than 28,000 religious and community leaders which monitors far-right issues, organizations, money and leaders. The organization has been instrumental in defeating initiatives backed by the religious right in Texas.

In the endorsement, Deputy Director Ryan Valentine has this to say:

“I am writing to commend – in the highest possible terms – Dr. Stephen Sprinkle and his ‘Unfinished Lives’ project. My support springs from the conviction that his work calling attention to the ‘slow-rolling holocaust’ of LGBT hate crimes in this country has a particular urgency in the struggle for civil rights in contemporary America. As society and the media turn a blind eye, someone must tell these stories.”

We at the Unfinished Lives project are truly grateful for the support of the Texas Freedom Network, and we are proud to stand with them in the effort to guarantee dignity and respect for all people.



To see the full text of Valentine’s statement, or to view all endorsements for the Unfinished Lives project, please visit our Endorsements page.

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