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Gay Man Murdered in Buffalo; Hate Crime Suspected

Buffalo, NY – Christopher Rudow, a 32-year-old gay man, was found murdered in his Buffalo loft apartment on Tuesday, January 5.  His friends suspect a hate crime motive in the killing.  Rudow was a well-liked employee of GEICO who moved from New York City to Buffalo six years ago.  He was known throughout the LGBT community largely because of his expertise as a DJ, his avocation on the side.  Friends describe Rudow as a real professional who had the equipment and the know-how to be a great tune-spinner.  He owned expensive audio components that he kept in three trunks inside his Elk Terminal apartment, but none of it was disturbed by whoever killed him.  WIVB Television reports the coronor determined Rudow’s cause of death to be blunt force trauma.  No suspects have surfaced in the investigation thus far.  Rudow’s murder took place hot on the heels of two other possible anti-LGBT hate crimes in the Buffalo metro area.  In nearby Cheektowaga, two women were charged with assaulting a 20-year-old gay man on December 31 at the Walden Galleria while yelling homophobic slurs.  On New Year’s Day, Lindsay Harmon, a 29-year-old lesbian was stabbed in the face and eye by a young woman shouting similar slurs at her.  LGBT activists in Buffalo say that many more hate crime attacks have occurred in recent months but go unreported, either because of fear of exposure, or out of a sense of despair that law enforcement will ever prosecute the crimes under New York’s hate crime law.  As Kitty Lambert, President of Outspoken for Equality, a Buffalo LGBT rights organization said to The Buffalo News, “I personally know of 10 unreported hate crime assaults in the city in the past two months. Why? Because people are frightened to report it.  Why should they bother reporting it?,” she added.  “It won’t be prosecuted as a hate crime.”  The LGBT community is alarmed and on their guard, expecting more attacks.  In the meanwhile, the investigation into Christopher Rudow’s murder goes on.  His case has yet to be designated as a hate crime, but human rights advocates throughout Western New York are demanding answers as to why authorities seem so reluctant to employ the hate crimes laws in the battle against violent homophobia.

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  1. I am devistated by Christophers death. I am his step mother. Chris had a partner that he split up with in Sept. and nothing has been said to even relate the two incidents with one another. Chris is a definite victim of domestic violence and his ex lover needs to be seriously questioned

    Comment by LaVern Rudow | January 26, 2010

    • LaVern I am very sorry for your families loss and the grief that you must be experiencing. I have been following up on Christopher’s story in my paper and with the police.

      Comment by Tim Moran | March 18, 2010

  2. This is disgraceful & IS a hate crime indeed. I just read about this today & am shocked & sad for all his loved ones and friends. I can’t believe there is no mention of questioning his partner? I don’t know either of them but I can guarantee you if they were straight, and
    married and/or divorced, he would be the center of questioning. Double standards, Gay is the last minority group it seems to be socially acceptable to ignore & hate. Reading about Chris has really made me aware of the need for Gay Activism in Buffalo, WNY on general. I know of quite a few unreported hate crimes here in Buffalo, now I know why. It obviously falls on deaf ears. His step Moms comment makes a lot of sense to me…….Prayers with you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!! a concerned gay citizen of Amherst, NY…

    Comment by Gregory Cracolice (@Cracolice1776) | May 7, 2013

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