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Bigot Watch: Rush Limbaugh on ‘Gay Gene,’ Abortion and Gay Babies

How many groups does this screed by Rush Limbaugh injure and offend?  Limbaugh pontificated in 2003 on how the hypothetical discovery of a “gay gene” would cancel LGBTQ support for women’s right to choose.  On the 30th anniversary of the Supreme Court’s Roe v. Wade decision legalizing abortion, Limbaugh launched this broadside (see Joe Kovacs, World Net Daily.com:

    “Imagine we identify the gene – assuming that there is one, this is hypothetical – that will tell us prior to birth that a baby is going to be gay. Just like a baby is gonna be redheaded and freckled and maybe tend to be overweight and so we tell the parents that, and the parents say “Nope, don’t wanna give birth to that child, [it’s] not gonna have a fair chance. Who wants to give birth to an overweight, freckle-faced redhead?” Bam. So we abort the kid.“Well, you add to this, let’s say we discover the gene that says the kid’s gonna be gay. How many parents, if they knew before the kid was gonna be born, [that he] was gonna be gay, they would take the pregnancy to term? Well, you don’t know but let’s say half of them said, “Oh, no, I don’t wanna do that to a kid.” [Then the] gay community finds out about this. The gay community would do the fastest 180 and become pro-life faster than anybody you’ve ever seen. … They’d be so against abortion if it was discovered that you could abort what you knew were gonna be gay babies.”

Limbaugh climbed up the ladder of notoriety on the backs of African Americans, women, and gay people.  As L.A. Progressive documents, “The Lyin’ King” compared White House staffers to pedophiles, feminists to “lesbian spearchuckers,” and in this choice quote from the Minneapolis Star Tribune, he draws a bead directly on LGBTQ people:  “When a gay person turns his back on you, it is anything but an insult; it’s an invitation.” In June 2010, Limbaugh made news by securing gay entertainer, Elton John, to perform at his fourth wedding, leading some to suggest that the conservative icon had become ‘gay friendly.’  Hardly.  He was a dangerous demagogue before sealing the deal with Elton John, and he remains one after.  The only thing that is put in doubt by the ‘wedding singer’ incident is the quality of Mr. John’s judgment.  Rush Limbaugh sets the tone for his legion of Dittoheads and for conservative opposition to all things LGBTQ.  The cynicism of his scenario on gay genetics, women’s right to choose, and gay babies is boundless, in our opinion.  Women have been and remain the chief allies of the LGBTQ community in the struggle for equal rights in the United States.  Lesbian scholar Suzanne Pharr got it exactly right when she wrote that “homophobia is a weapon of sexism.”  Limbaugh may love women enough to marry four of them in a row, but he advocates the second-class status of the gender he claims to love “till death do us part.”  When rhetoric dehumanizes people, robbing them of the dignity of their full personhood as Limbaugh routinely does to gay people, his is culpable for setting the conditions for hate crimes against the very gay babies he demagogues about on the radio.  When LGBTQ people grow up, face discrimination and irrational hatred, Rush simply washes his hands of any violence done them.  And, in the case of the gay baby scenario he set forth, we must ask the nagging question he left unanswered: “If a test were devised to ID a baby as LGBTQ before birth, Rush, how quickly would you and your supporters flip and become advocates of abortion?”   ~ The Unfinished Lives Team

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  1. That last sentence summed it up perfectly. Republicans always have and always will be hypocrites at their best, and – well, you don’t wanna know what they are at their worst.

    Comment by Rita | July 18, 2010

  2. I can’t believe I just subjected myself to the evil corners of his mind, anyone who seriously listens to him, along with him, will be disappointed if they actually ever think they will make it to heaven!!!

    Comment by Natalie Luczkowiak | July 18, 2010

  3. The phrase “freckle-faced redhead” is a clearly used here as a racist pejorative, just if you said “kike” or “nigger– but here, Limbaugh gets away with it because he knows he’s offending a group which he thinks can’t hurt him back.
    Hoever this shows that if Limbaugh is bigoted against even caucasians who look different from him, then obviously even more bigoted against NON-caucasians as well. Everything that Limbaugh says, has the undertones of elite superiority.

    The question, however, is why nobody was outraged against this statement, but if he said the same thing against black, Jewish, Asian or any other type of babies then he’d be off the air.

    Consider if he said “Just like a baby is gonna be kinky-haired and black and maybe tend to be overweight and so we tell the parents that, and the parents say “Nope, don’t wanna give birth to that child, [it’s] not gonna have a fair chance. Who wants to give birth to an overweight, kinky-haired black?”
    Obviously this would be more factually true, since blacks will claim that they just as oppressed then red-haired caucasians, if not more so; however he wouldn’t DARE say this, since it’s obviously racially insensitive, and offends the groups in question. The only difference is, that he’s attacking what he considered to be a “SAFE” minority, i.e. one which isn’t recognized as a protected group.

    So it just shows the hypocrisy that political oorrectness is just a popularity-contest, since there are some groups which are “safe targets” that you can offend with impunity, and those you can’t. Limbaugh is just a hate-peddler who taked advantage of this, like the worthless yellow coward that he is, pushing people’s buttons for money– from a safe distance.

    Comment by Brad Anderson | September 2, 2010

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