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White Supremacist Loyalty Led to Larry King’s Murder, Expert Testifies

Chatsworth, Los Angeles, California – Larry King’s alleged killer was influenced by white supremacist and neo-Nazi ideals to shoot his gay classmate to death, according to the testimony of an expert witness.  Beginning on Wednesday, July 20, the Prosecutor Maeve Fox introduced evidence that Brandon McInerney held violent, ingrained white supremacist biases against gay people.  Drawings of swastikas and other white supremacist symbols and illustrations that McInerney possessed in his home and in his prison cell were presented to the court. On Friday, Simi Valley Police Detective Dan Swanson, an expert on white supremacy, testified to the court that McInerney’s embrace of white supremacist tenets was the primary reason he hated 15-year-old Larry King enough to kill him.  White supremacists hold deep animosity for gays and lesbians, often resorting to physical violence against them, Swanson said.  He further told the court that McInerney was a violent member of a supremacist street gang, according to the Washington Post. McInerney’s defense team sought to discredit the prosecution’s bias case by presenting schoolmate and prison officer witnesses who testified that McInerney was not a white supremacist. The Ventura County Star reported that McInerney’s direct supervisor at juvenile hall, Chris Niblett, testified that McInerney was a “good kid” who sometimes got in fights with others, but on the whole showed no particular tendency for violence, and no evidence of gang membership. Niblett went on to say that McInerney was allowed to use a PlayStation as an award for good behavior. Three juvenile hall videos of fights involving McInerney with other inmates were shown to the jury on Friday.  The prosecution said that they demonstrated, in contradiction to defense image of their client, that McInerney was prone to violence.

McInerney is charged with the execution-style murder of Lawrence Fobes “Larry” King in his middle school classroom in February 2008. He is being charged and tried as an adult, though at the time of the fatal shooting, McInerney was 14 years old. Prosecuting Attorney Fox told the media that she would wrap up her case against McInerney perhaps as early as Wednesday of nest week.

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  1. Remember the concept, “Innocent until proven guilty”?

    The day of the shooting the police found Brandon outside the school, trying to call his dad, crying hysterically, ranting ”I’m so sorry, I’m so sorry, Is Larry O.K?“ Brandon admitted to shooting Larry. This case is not about what happened, it is about why it happened. This case is about the charges of a “hate crime“ because of neo-Nazi, white supremacy gang affiliations. Brandon plead not guilty to these allegations.

    I do not understand why people use news headlines to judge an entire case before all the information has come out. All your information has been said BEFORE the defence has rested. How can you be so prejudge so harshly, isn’t that what your words are against? Is it not politically correct enough for you? If you haven’t listened to the whole trial you don’t know anything but what the DA and the media has fed you.

    This is not a “blame the victim” situation or “gay panic“ excuse, that is too easy, and puts all the guilt on this “bad seed” and his “despicable attorneys”. It is so much more.

    Larry King had been harassing guys at the school for some time. It wasn’t dressing like a girl, putting on makeup, asking Brandon to be his valentine or expressing himself that got Larry King shot, it was grabbing boy’s rears while they were going to the bathroom, and taunting them with comments like, “I’m going to take that ass of yours someday” or “oh baby, I can’t wait until I …”.

    The school was so afraid of being politically incorrect that it wouldn’t stop Larry’s inappropriate harassment. Everyone (teachers and students) admitted that Larry had gotten out of hand, but the vice-principal was supporting Larry’s choices at the expense of the other students.

    The day before the shooting Brandon was sitting outside a classroom where his dad was having a parent-teacher conference. Larry was strutting back and forth in front of Brandon, knowing he couldn’t get up from the bench. Brandon’s friends were laughing at Brandon which was feeding Larry even more. The openly gay vice-principle saw what was happening and how upset Brandon was getting but instead of telling Larry to knock it off, she wagged her finger at Brandon saying, “now now Brandon, this is Larry‘s right”. Just then Brandon’s dad came out of the class and started screaming at Brandon “you are going to military school and you will never again see the light of day.” That night Brandon tried to talk to his dad, but Billie McInerney, Brandon’s dad was, again, drunk and incoherent.

    If all the LGBT groups found out the true history of Larry King he would NEVER be used as their poster boy. Larry’s life started as a crack baby.When Crack babies get older their behavior limits their ability to learn and develop socially. He was taken from his birth mother at age 2 because he was starving and neglected. Most of Larry’s life he had been on medications of one form or another. When puberty hits a crack baby, their uncontrolled behavior begins to express itself sexually. Not that any of this excuses what Brandon did, but the school knew they had a student with a very long and bad history of inappropriate sexual conduct and harassment of other and they did nothing to protect the other students or Larry from himself. This was NOT simple flirting or finally standing up for himself on Larry’s part. This was Larry’s pattern that had gotten him arrested, expelled from other schools and removed from his home and put into a home for severely emotionally disturbed children. Larry was a VERY troubled adolescent, and because no adult stepped in to stop him, it got him killed.

    These trumped up charges of Brandon’s are all because the DA wants to become the next Nancy Gracy but her entire “hate crime, neo-Nazi white supremacy” theory has been proven wrong. The white supremacy items that the prosecution confiscated were from a house Brandon had NEVER been in. Their “so called” expert witness has no credentials and used wikipedia as his main resources. Think about it; a bunch of surfers organizing a gang? Any surfers I have ever known have cared only about 2 things, waves and getting stoned. The sole purpose of these larger than life charges are to grab headlines… and anyone who still believes that this is a hate crime and that it is right for Brandon to be in an adult court room is supporting bigotry at it’s worst, just so the DA can get her 15 minutes…
    …at Brandon and Larry’s expense.


    Comment by deborah sindon | August 8, 2011

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