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Harass Gays at Your Own Peril in New Jersey

Douglas Brown (Essex County Prosecutor's Office photo)

Newark, New Jersey – A 36-year-old harasser in Essex County found out the hard way that attacking gay people is costly–to himself!  Douglas Brown started harassing his former gay neighbors in the Ironbound section of Newark back in May–chanting slurs and epithets, spewing hate speech.  Unsatisfied with the results, Brown escalated his aggression against the couple, pouring oil on their home, destroying their property, and eventually slashing their car tires.  Brown was arrested on Thursday, and faces harassment, bias intimidation, and criminal mischief charges, according to reports by the Associated Press, The Advocate, and NBC New York.  Brown obviously never counted the cost of his bias against his next door neighbors, acting on it with abandon until his arrest.  He is being held under $25,000 bond at the Essex County Correctional Facility.  Acting Essex County Prosecutor Carolyn Murray is preparing to prosecute Brown for anti-gay hate crime.  There is no information yet about who Brown’s attorney will be.  In the Brick City, once notorious for the 2003 hate murder of lesbian teen Sakia LaTona Gunn, the times appear to be a-changing.  Attacking gay people in Newark will now get you prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

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