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Illinois Teen Sentenced for Gay Bashing

Marquitte West, 18, sentenced in gay bashing attack (Kendall County photo)

Yorkville, Illinois- An 18-year-old man was sentenced by an Illinois court to two years in prison for his role in a violent attack upon a gay man.  Marquitte West was found guilty of hate crime related to sexual orientation for participating in a gang attack against 29-year-old gay man Bryce Stiff in June 2010.  Both men are from Oswego, Illinois, a city of 30,000 in the northern part of the state.  Two other Oswego men, Jabari Tuggles and Robert Franklin, are being held in prison awaiting their trials for the same offense. A third man is still being sought by the police.

Stiff suffered severe injuries in the attack, leaving him with nerve damage to his face, and a lip so harmed that he has required reconstructive surgery.  He has lingering psychological problems since the savage assault, as well.  In a letter to the court prior to West’s sentencing, Stiff wrote, “I used to be a happy, caring and loving person who would do anything to help anyone.  I was happy about me being gay … but now I’m filled with so much bitterness, hatred and I’m very depressed. I don’t like leaving my home. I don’t like doing things that excite me anymore. I feel like everyone is out to get me.”

According to Chicago Pride, West will serve out his sentence in conjunction with a theft charge.  He is required by the court to pay his victim’s medical costs.  The Kendall County District Attorney told Chicago Pride that this is the first hate crimes prosecution he can recall in county history.

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  1. Let this be a lesson for all gay basher wannabes or any bashers in general: You WILL BE caught! You WILL BE charged AND found GUILTY! YOU WILL SERVE TIME! YOU WILL BE BUBBA’S FIRST LADY in prison! Was it worth it?

    Comment by DathEVaderCheney | November 10, 2011

    • Could have not said any better. Last time I checked pepole in the usa has a right to be who ever they wount to be.

      Comment by anthony p. | December 6, 2011

      • This isssssss… indeed…GOOD NEWS!!! No, sorry… this issss… indeed GREAT NEWS!!!

        Comment by DathEVaderCheney | December 7, 2011

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