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Bisexual Man Attacked with Samurai Sword

David Teague III believes anti-bisexual bias motivated the sword attack that left his wrist slashed, tendons cut, and nerves severed in his left arm.

Johnston, Rhode Island – A 24-year-old bisexual man suffered severed tendons and nerves in his left wrist after being slashed with a Japanese katana, a samurai sword. The victim says he believes the attack was motivated by hatred for his sexual orientation.

WJAR-TV News reports that David Teague III was injured during a fight that started outside a home in Johnston early Saturday morning. Though drinking had been involved, Teague says his assailant cut him because of animosity toward his bisexuality.  The attacker allegedly yelled a homophobic slur at Teague as he pressed his attack.  The victim believes that the assault was no accident, and was a hate crime. “The next day I sat there wondering if my sexuality had anything to do with it,” Teague said to News 10. “I just want justice. He used a derogatory word that has to do with being homosexual. I believe he used his anger towards homosexuals to commit this crime against me.”

Investigators agree that there was a homophobic slur used by Teague’s attacker, but they say the slur alone is not enough to warrant a hate crime investigation.  They pledge to pursue the anti-bisexual motive if they uncover more evidence supporting the claim. Boston.com says that a group of men outside the Johnston house were drinking that evening, when a quarrel broke out between Teague and his as-yet-unidentified assailant.  When the two men started fighting, some of the other drinkers got involved, and at some point the assailant, yelling the slur, picked up the sword and slashed Teague’s wrist.   WJAR-TV News took a statement from a woman on Monday who has disputed Teague’s account, blaming Teague for the fight. Johnston Police have charged her with obstruction of justice, believing that she tried to divert investigators’ attention away from her boyfriend, the prime suspect in the slashing attack. Police have also charged two men with disorderly conduct.

Teague is currently facing no charges in relation to the attack. “I just wish this wasn’t about sexuality. Even though there might be enough to substantiate a claim of hate crime, I still feel hated,” he said.

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  1. I thought the law read that if physically attacked (I think the use of a sword merts that) while sexual slurs where being used that this was considered a hate crime and therefore the FBI could investigate to prove if it were truly a criminal act and the Federal Government could then step in and prosecute the attacker. Is nothing being done?

    Comment by Robert A. Kates | August 7, 2012

    • Unless things have changed, no, Bobby.

      Comment by unfinishedlives | August 7, 2012

      • That’s just wrong. What can be done? Anything?

        Comment by Robert A. Kates | August 7, 2012

  2. Its so sad that the people who really do suffer and need support this guy is going to ruin it for them .. is there a law that protects the autistic female that he was repeatedly punching? I would be ashamed to go public with the lies.. its so sad.. there’s more then one person blaming him the johnston police refuse totake statements or press charges where they belong and they have a lot of misconduct going on.. I have a question do the victims of hate crimes receive any money from like a victims fund or something?

    Comment by heathaa | August 9, 2012

    • Although restitution laws differ from state to state, Heath, I suspect no amount is enough to compensate someone for their broken hearts. I suspect that the vast majority of victims never see any restitution.

      Comment by unfinishedlives | August 9, 2012

      • Well hopefully he knowsthat so people can deal with it as an assualt charge.. its not fair to throw you sexual preference for greed or fame ..damn sin it is..I feel bad for the people that are honestly affected by hatecrimes.. and I also feel bad for the people who are forced to protect themselves on their own property.. its all a damn shame

        Comment by heathaa | August 9, 2012

  3. the reason that there is not enough evidence to prosicute is because there is not evidence. the slur did not happen. the hate crime did not happen. the whold incident did not happen as it was reported. even this mans uncle would explain why he fabricates stories such as this one. it is people like this guy who will make it difficult for people who have truly had a hate crime committed against them and get justice.

    Comment by linda gomes | August 10, 2012

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