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Alleged Anti-Gay Hate Crime Attacker’s Bail Raised to $500K; Free Again

Clayton Garzon, 20, accused anti-gay hate crime attacker (MySpace capture).

Clayton Garzon, 20, accused anti-gay hate crime attacker (MySpace capture).

Yolo County, California – The 20-year-old man arrested for a brutal attack on a gay man had his bail raised Wednesday to over half a million dollars, and was out on the streets of Davis, California by Thursday afternoon.  Clayton Garzon, charged for an anti-gay hate crime against Lawrence “Mikey” Partida, an openly gay Davis resident, had his bail raised to $520,000 in response to the request of Yolo County Assistant Chief Deputy District Attorney Steve Mount who called Garzon a “serious public safety risk,” according to the Davis Enterprise. After only one night in Yolo County Jail, his family posted bail, and Garzon is free again until an April 12 court date. Garzon is also charged with felonies in a previous case, in which he allegedly stabbed several people in a bar brawl in Dixon.

Garzon is charged for beating Partida unconscious while screaming anti-gay slurs at him in the early morning hours of March 10.  He is alleged to have left the gay man bleeding on the lawn outside of his cousin’s home in order to beat on the door of the house to brag loudly about what he had just done.  A Solano County gas station attendant has come forward to report that Garzon also bragged about what he had done to a gay man, later that same day.  Frances Swanson, Partida’s aunt, said to CBS Sacramento that Garzon’s believed he had killed her nephew. “The only reason he’s not dead is because we’re blessed, and my nephew got lucky. Otherwise, that was the intent,” she said.

Partida is now released from an acute care rehabilitation facility where he spent over a week following his hospitalization at the UC-Davis Medical Center.  The assault left him with bleeding on his brain, a fractured skull, and a shattered eye socket.  He says he feels like a prisoner in his own home as long as Garzon is free on the street. Yet, according to several interviewers, Partida seems to bear no grudge against his attacker.  Instead, he hopes that he will never have to see his assailant again, and that the young man will somehow learn from this experience that hatred never pays.

This time, Garzon is being monitored closely by the Yolo County Probation Office.  Though he is out on bail, he is wearing a GPS device to show his location at all times, and a SCRAM device, which monitors any alcohol intake.  The court ordered that he must stay 100 yards away from his alleged victim.

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  1. This poor kid is obviously a mess — and I say obviously because if his parents can get him out of jail that easily — he either has no parenting or possible the worst. Look at his eyes. They are of a dead person.

    Comment by Bobby Kates | March 29, 2013

  2. Why is that SOB smoking? Does that prove he’s a “man”??? This POS Garzon should be dead, but we’re being nice… for now!

    Comment by dakotahgeo | March 29, 2013

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