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Gay Philly Party Promoter and Gay Hispanic Couple Attacked in New York City as Hate Crime Spree Widens

Dan Contarino, one of the latest victims of anti-gay violence in New York City (Facebook photo).

Dan Contarino, one of the latest victims of anti-gay violence in New York City (Facebook photo).

New York City, New York – The spread of anti-gay violence continued Tuesday night with an attack on an openly gay party promoter, and in a separate incident, upon a gay couple, both occurring in East Village.  Just hours after thousands marched in the streets of New York to demand justice for the mounting number of gay victims of homophobic brutality, Dan Contarino tweeted that he was assaulted by men shouting anti-gay epithets.  He posted on Facebook that about 10:30 pm he was punched and kicked by a group of hostile men who called him “faggot.”  Neighbors rushed to his aid, and the attackers ran into the night.  NY Police are searching for the suspects, but no one has yet been arrested for the hate crime as of this writing.

According to Nightlifegay.com, Contarino, a Philadelphian who promotes Shampoo Nightclub’s “Shaft” Parties on Friday nights, wrote:  “THANKS FOR CALLS…. GAY BASHED LAST NITE…. back from small surgery…. CHEST XRAYS THIS AM…. suspect still at large… police n media waiting to interview me… U JUST WANNA CRY N MOVE ON….” and later Contarino posted, “UGH…. THIS IS JUST AS BRUTAL AS the ATTACK…. 3 hours… 8 detective interviews… now waiting for Hate Crimes Unit main interview… THEN BACK TO HOSPITAL….”

Nightlife Gay’s blogger Bruce Yelk posted that he had spoken to Contarino personally after the attack:  “I talked with Dan last night and this morning and he is very shaken and as you can see by the photo banged up pretty good.  I am thankful it was not worse as NYC’s hate crime spree continues.”  Yelk then summed up how many in the Greater New York City Metropolitan area are feeling today about the the growing epidemic of anti-gay violence in a city that prides itself on LGBTQ acceptance.  “Shock, outrage, anger sums up how I am feeling today as one of my very good friends was gay bashed last night in New York City,” he wrote Tuesday.

Earlier in the day, according to NBC New York, a gay Hispanic couple were assaulted in SoHo, on Broadway between Prince and Houston Streets.  Police reports say that the gay men were attacked at about 5 am by two assailants shouting homophobic slurs in both English and Spanish.  The victims, 41 and 42 years old respectively, were punched and beaten, and one of the men suffered an injury to his eye.  Two suspects, 31 and 32, were quickly apprehended by NYPD officers, and are facing assault as a hate crime charges.  Mayor Michael Bloomberg spoke out forcefully against the attacks on LGBT people in his city.  “New York City has zero tolerance for intolerance,” the Mayor said at a news conference on Tuesday. “We are a place that celebrates diversity … hate crimes like these are an offense against all we stand for as a city, and we will do everything possible to stop them.”  

With Gay Pride Month just around the corner, in June, and no end in sight for the spike in bias motivated crimes against LGBTQ people in the city where the modern Gay Pride and Human Rights movement was born, something swift and strong needs to happen if queer folk are to start feeling safe in New York City again.

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