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Remembering LGBT Hate Crime Victims

Guest Post – of Queers and Steers – A Manifesto of a Queer Womyn

Our Project Director, Steve Sprinkle, is out on his book tour in North Carolina this week. However we don’t wish to live y’all bereft of content so here is an incredible guest post by Mary our dear friend and supporter:

“Of Queers and Steers – A Manifesto of a Queer Womyn,” by Mary Warejcka

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NB – Mary is a dear friend and, as you will see, a powerful writer.  This is an essay she has given me permission to post, and it is a moving testimony to queer life.  Read, marvel, and enjoy!  ~ Steve Sprinkle

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Unfinished Lives Gets Social

Recently here at the Unfinished Lives Project we have been working on increasing our online presence in order to become more public and more intentionally activist. Still one of the biggest reasons to better connect with our readers.

Here are all the ways to connect with Unfinished Lives:

our new email address is:  info [at] unfinishedlivesblog [dot] com

Please spread the word and tell your friends. We would love it if you could link to us on your blog, your facebook page, follow us on networked blogs and retweet our posts, and in any other way you can think of helping spreading the word it would be greatly appreciated.

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